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Business Partner Programe

Kingdomvoip is a specialist Voip company.We actively supports entrepreneurial growth by providing financing, specialist sectoral knowledge and added-value services in our business. We focus is on providing voip for all over middle east and singapore , malaysia.

Our Business structures unique, individualised. Deals are structured using equity, shareholder's loan accounts, revenue sharing and term loans or any combination of these. We have developed a range of proprietal financing models that offer entrepreneurs maximum flexibility to suit their specific needs.

The business evaluation includes matters such as the product or service and its market acceptability, market size, the gearing of the business, and its ability to exist and grow, as well as the business's history, the stage of its development and medium- to long-term profit potential, technical aspects and the location of the business. In evaluating the entrepreneur, aspects such the ability to run a successful business on sound business principles, integrity, drive, vision and appropriate experience, are considered. you are welcome to kingdomvoip business partner programe.please mail us your interest,our marketting officers will contact you.

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