FAQ Services

How do I start with Kingdomvoip Services?
If you wish to join our reseller program you can just send us a email or contact us through whatsapp.

To which countries do you offer your service?
We have more than 15 brands under kingdomvoip service.Our services are available worldwide.

Can one and the same customer use the two VoIP products simultaneously?
Yes the same customer can do that.

FAQ Support

How do I contact Kingdomvoip Customer Service?
Kingdomvoip support team is ready to serve you 24/7.You may reach us at www.kingdomvoip.com available online support.or email us at support@kingdomvoip.com. You may also connect us with skype: kingdomvoip , Gtalk: kingdomvoip@gmail.com , Yahoo: kingdomvoip@yahoo.com

Do I need to buy separate accounts to make calls from Mobile/ PC or devices?
No, once you have registered with us and bought an account, you can use the same account for calling through Mobile/ PC or devices. However, when your account balance is low, you need to recharge it

What are the payment options available to buy credit in customer account or reseller account?
Presently,If you are reseller you can choose Bank Transfer or Western Union money transfer.Payment Bank Facility available in Saudi Arabia,U.A.E,Kuwait,Oman , India , Pakistan , Bangladesh & Singapore.If you are a single user , you can purchase our calling card through online payment gateway, which is available at http://www.kingdomvoip.com/paypal.html

Can I refer to my regular mobile phone contact list while using Mobile Dialer?
Yes, Kingdomvoip Mobile Dialer integrates with your phonebook. When you are using the Mobile Dialer mode, you can use your usual contacts list and place a call from your contact list. Our Mobile Dialer will automatically make a call for you.

Can I get a detail record of my calls through Mobile Dialer?
Through mobile , you can get limited calls details only. If you wish to view your usage history, please log in to customer login area , which is available at www.dialerpark.com

FAQ Technical

How do I download the Kingdomvoip Mobile dialer
You can download our all brands mobile dialer from http/www.dialerpark.com and Simply you click your brand name there and download your required dialer.

I have downloaded and installed Mobile Dialer. Can I use it immediately or do I have to restart my mobile phone?
Once you have successfully installed Mobile Dialer, you no need to restart your mobile.

I have downloaded the Mobile Dialer, but it is not opening/ registering.
Please check that your mobile is connected to internet through Wi-Fi/GPRS/ EDGE etc. You can try deleting the existing the existing dialer and re-install.

I was not successful in downloading Mobile Dialer and received an error message. What does this mean and what do I do?
There could be a few reasons for the error messages: 1.Your phone’s browser is not using the default browser. 2.For the iPhone, you are not running iOS 3.1.3 or higher on your iPhone. 3.For the BlackBerry, your phone model is not included in the list of supported models on the app’s download page.

I started downloading Mobile Dialer to my mobile phone and encountered a message saying “insufficient memory” or “file too large.” What should I do?
Certain mobile phone models have file size download limitations. In such cases, you may not be able to download more apps until you have cleared some of your mobile phone memory.

I have downloaded and installed Mobile Dialer but cannot use it. Why?
There may be a few reasons,So Regarding your phone and service, please make sure: 1.Your mobile phone is NOT in flight mode. 2.Your mobile phone service is enabled and you currently have Data signal.

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